Receive. Awaken. Arrive.

Let’s be honest, it’s rare if ever we give ourselves a chance to truly fill up and be nourished. Our culture is taught to do, be busy, and not let much in ALL the way. It even can feel indulgent and receiving can illicit guilt, shame and even fear.

This is a specially curated experience just for you. Let go, let yourself be handled, cared for and seen.

Your Soul Intensive will be held in the rocky mountains of Colorado on a beautiful ranch property in a luxury cabin. Before you come we will talk and I will ask questions to curate the program for your individual needs. Food, bodywork, healings, movement will all be carefully chosen for you in addition to other modalities and activities depending on what’s right for you and your needs.

You will be supported by me the entire experience and I will be bringing in other trusted practitioners and resources for the experience. What would it be like to surrender 3 days of your life into the care of someone else? This is something rare and special. To gift yourself that experience is a deep honoring of a human need to receive that our culture doesn’t live out. The ability to receive is our power. Some people have their channel for receiving money open but not for receiving love. Some perhaps the opposite or are able to receive love from friends but not from a lover. Opening our channels of reception is a powerful experience and a very important act of growth. We will look at what the areas are that more energy needs to flow to open to fill your cup and how to digest to open to more coming in.

This is a deep, rich experience with elements of ceremony, silence, introspection, play, creativity and nourishment.

I’m honored to hold such a sacred space for you. Contact me for a conversation to get started.