Dirt + Soul
Dirt + Soul
Build Your Life, Community and Business from Rich Inner Soil [Soul]

The health of our Soul Soil is the health of our life, relationships, business and therefore our reason to be here all comes back to the dirt.























I want to know what your soil consists of.  What is the dirt we are growing in?  What is the clay beneath this building?  Is this foundation upon which everything grows and stands, worth what we have on top of it?  If not, what will happen?  I don’t care if the building will stay standing or the food will grow.  I want to know that it’s the best quality food and the most sturdy structure around.  Not only because it’s important for health and safety but because it’s a fine craft to build and grow that way.  It’s pleasurable to eat from such nourishing gardens and stand in structures built with attention to the finest details starting with the dirt. 

 That is what I do and live for.  

How can our relationships, our businesses, our bodies, our communities, our crafts grow and be built from this rich terrain?  What are the fruits that come from that?  This is something that so easily and habitually gets bypassed in the world of getting by and getting done.  Who will we be if we slow down to do the real work?  The work of the soil/soul.  The only thing that matters at the end of the day in my opinion is, did we do it well?  From our core well.  From who we can become if we do it that well.  From what gets actualized in what otherwise might be existing only in the realm of potentials and possibilities.  Can we have such exquisite care that we tend to the nutrients of our relationships so much so that something happens that few people get to experience in their lifetime.  The kind of intimacy that rocks your world in its beauty.   Can our business’s grow from this foundation so much so that it truly changes the world.  


Profound. Real. Awake. 



create something that matters. 



I like grit.  What's dark and earthy has substance.  Having substance matters.  Death is in dirt as well as life.   Dirt gets a bad rap in the dictionary but it's true nature is life, death, creation, nutrients, and muck that we have to sort through to see the gold.  We need to redefine the dictionaries definition of dirt as it gives it no justice for what it carries in the potential of life.


Dictionary : DIRT

Merriam-Webster definition

a excrement

b a filthy or soiling substance (such as mud, dust, or grime)

c archaic something worthless

d a contemptible person 

  • treated me like dirt

2loose or packed soil or sand earth 

  • a mound of dirt

  • a dirt road

3a an abject or filthy state squalor 

  • living in dirt

b corruption, chicanery 

  • vowed to clean up the dirt in the city government

c licentiousness of language or theme

d scandalous or malicious gossip 

  • spreading dirt about his ex-wife

e embarrassing or incriminating information 

  • trying to dig up dirt on her political rivals