Coaching Circles

What people are saying…

Rachelle in my experience; has been the best coach I've EVER had!  Merely being in her presence I get questions or answers to things that have I been stuck on, before she even says 5 words. She has a way of seeing deeply into people and holding an entire room of people to where when she is talking to one person, she is coaching for all people; and in a Loving and Powerful way, call that person forth. I always feel seen and heard with her and I highly recommend any coaching she has to offer. 

-- Hugh Brockington 

Rachelle's coaching is magic. In three weeks she nailed everyone in our group and gave them their next step. She was spot-on and at each weekly meeting I saw each one of us take a quantum leap forward in our development. I still don't really understand how she makes that happen, but she has laser vision and a huge heart. I will be forever grateful for the way she changed my life in that short time.  -- Kay Vogt 

I felt really held within the 3 wk container and loved the connection with the group members. We all grew so much during that time. Rachelle's coaching was spot-on for each person- precise, fine-tuned and anchored in love. She has become my biggest advocate and I'm so blessed to have her in my life. 💗 -- Stacey Hubert 

Also see video testimonials on my about page.

Keys to freedom coaching circles

One of my favorite things to do is have a group of people bringing their full selves where we get a chance to dig into the patterns and layers of life that get stuck. The group is magic in that something I’m saying to one person can change things for the whole room.

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