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Activate Series 

This is a seres to activate embodiment in different kinds of ways to feel our full power, potential, desire, sexuality and in doing so with other women we create connection and sisterhood.


Soul Intensive

This is a personalized retreat crafted just for your needs to fill up, heal, nourish, relax and remember who you are at a core essence level.


Alchemy Program

I work in the dirt with your soul soil to grow the most nutrient dense relationships with yourself, your partner, your community and your business.  Working with me, we will be creating games from the ground up.  It's honest, real, sometimes hard work, sometimes play, and in the end it's alchemy.


Keys to freedom coaching circles

One of my favorite things to do is have a group of people bringing their full selves where we get a chance to dig into the patterns and layers of life that get stuck. The group is magic in that something I’m saying to one person can change things for the whole room.