Activate Series 

Do you embody your radiance? Are you connected to your desire? What does it mean to live “turned-on”? 

The Activate Series has been designed to help us understand and cultivate all aspects of our radiance by connecting deeper into our desire. When we truly embody this practice, we harness our potential and awaken our true feminine power. 

This series is for all levels of practice as we celebrate the unique and diverse experiences of each woman.  Whether you place attention on cultivating embodiment and personal power or not, this is a chance to be with other conscious women in the Roaring Fork Valley and share experiences that are deep, intimate and real. Throughout this course, we foster a grounded approach of what true intimacy and sisterhood looks like. 

In the Activate Series, we offer six different workshops using both experiential and educational components.  We will explore diverse subjects including; desire, empowerment, purpose, relationship, sensuality, reception, connection, embodiment, sisterhood and intimacy. 

Sign up classes individually, or experience the potency of the full series and receive a discount. Please note space is limited at certain events, so register early to guarantee your spot.

Primal - April 19 - completed!
Desire - April 20 - completed!
Reception - May 18 - completed!
Temple - May 26 - completed!
Pleasure - May 30
Shakti - June 9

See below for descriptions and registration! For all the completed programs we will offer them again so

About Rachelle 

As an entrepreneur and teacher, Rachelle stands for the awakening of those around her with a fierce grace and resolute dedication to her own practices.  Her determined, strong spirit led her through many paths to find the keys to freedom and embodied feminine power.   With degrees and certifications in psychology, women’s studies, sex and intimacy coaching, sacred ceremonial work, bodywork, nutrition and yoga, she has been a body and consciousness based practitioner for over 20 years.  Most recently she was a co-owner and director of a transformational based company in Los Angeles for five years.  She has taught hundreds of relational classes based on connection, sexuality and intimacy.  Rachelle is known for her ability to see and feel the many layers of masks and conditioning. She lovingly guides clients to what’s real and true beyond those limitations.  She believes the fundamentally we are here to wake up to an innate knowing of ourselves at the deepest level through which we access connection, intimacy and purpose.  

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“One day, we all fall apart. If we are lucky... we have cultivated a relationship to life such that falling apart only means becoming brand new. We have mastered the art of alchemy and we have friends on the path who know who you are no matter what, even when you forget. Life is a hero's journey if it's a life worth living. Deep practice. Deep immersion. Deep saturation. Following something that often doesn't make any sense but you know is right. It's following the whisper. Following the feminine”. -Rachelle Anslyn

“One day, we all fall apart. If we are lucky... we have cultivated a relationship to life such that falling apart only means becoming brand new. We have mastered the art of alchemy and we have friends on the path who know who you are no matter what, even when you forget. Life is a hero's journey if it's a life worth living. Deep practice. Deep immersion. Deep saturation. Following something that often doesn't make any sense but you know is right. It's following the whisper. Following the feminine”. -Rachelle Anslyn

About Jayme

Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 6.20.27 PM.png

Jayme is passionate about understanding the ways in which humans  function and flourish in such diverse ways. With a degree in sociology and minor in psychology she was able to explore the intricacies of social stratification, social evolution and how our human experience is affected by the interplay of social structure and the individual. Jayme believes that understanding our ancestral origins and human evolution is critical to developing strong skills for navigating our modern-day intimate relationships. A mother of two young children, she has been consciously evolving her relationship with her husband for over 20 years. In addition to her BA,  she has studied yoga, transcendent meditation, sensual movement, astrology, and is pursuing certification as an embodiment coach emphasizing on shakti arts and sacred sensuality. 



May 30th, 6:30 - 9:30

Knowing our pleasure is a cornerstone to feminine power. Relationship to our pleasure is an art, a journey, and a way of life. It takes attention and care to reclaim pleasure in our lives. When we do so, the rewards are exponential. With Activate Pleasure, we will illuminate the many ways we experience this sensation. Whether a good book, a delicious meal, a sunrise hike or yes, a soul-tingling orgasm, pleasure opens us to experiences that tap us into our life force. It is no secret, western culture carries a lot of conditioning around this topic, viewing pleasure as gluttonous and guilt inducing. We aim to dissolve the cultural dogma that disconnects us from knowing the radiance we receive when we embody our pleasure. With Activate Pleasure, we invite you to reclaim your inherent human gift and experience the aliveness that pleasure brings. This segment will also include a beautiful sound journey with the gifted Karla Hope-Miller. You do not want to miss this experience. Space is limited for this event, so please reserve your space in advance.



June 9th, 10 - 2

Shakti. A deity. An essence. A cosmic vibration. As women, we are the shakti energy of the world. Shakti is alive, luminous and empowered. It is the fuel that powers your growth and consciousness.

The Activate Series will culminate with our final segment, Activate Shakti. This event will bring together all the components of our series as we awaken the Shakti energy within us. Through fun ritual, creative expression, movement and supported sisterhood, we will learn how to celebrate the power that radiates from our true embodiment of Shakti.

The intention of Activate Shakti is to bring out the flavor of our essence. Daughters, nieces, goddaughters, and female or female identified children are welcome. Children are closer to their natural essence than adults tend to be and know how to truly play. Through them, we can revisit our connection to play, to pure radiance, to Shakti. Not only will this be super fun for them, but it will give us an opportunity to learn with them how to keep that Shakti alive as we continue to grow. This event was always going to be one of play and expression so why not bring the masters of that it, our girls.

Girls under 18 comes for free! Bring your mothers, grandmothers sisters, girlfriends as well! Light meal will be shared in honor of our series finale . Please bring a light dish to share. We invite you also to bring any special clothes or adornments to wear or share that amplify your radiance (we will provide as well!).

Please reserve your spot in advance. This event is held in Carbondale and the address will be sent out after you register!


Guest Facilitators

Tara Sheahan - Sweat Lodge

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 11.16.58 PM.png

A warrior for Grandmother Earth restoration and human happiness, Tara's transformation came in the way of a tick bite in her mid-30's as a young Mom.  Through healing Body, Mind and Spirit of Lymes disease, she discovered many 'modalities'. Most important to her became the Indigenous wisdom traditions that reconnect us to Unci Maka, 'GrandMother Earth' and this sacred web of life.  Nature is her teacher and she helps those who work with her to reconnect to the wisdom of Birds, Water, Bear and Butterflies. Tara facilitates Women's LIfe Renewal/Sweatlodge ceremonies, and co-hosts Fire Gatherings to Thank Sun and Moon, Rock and Water with partner Scott Red Horse Barta outside Carbondale, Colorado.  She is a teacher of Shamanic breath work and Breathelab; a simple curriculum about the extraordinary neurobiological upgrade that happens through entraining natural nasal breathing to music.  With partner Foundation For Our Children she is bringing Breathelab to kids and parents to create an addiction-free generation.  Through the Stillpoint Experience, a human behavior online platform, she helps clients continue their personal development.  Tara founded Conscious Global Leadership in 2010 with former husband Casey, then CEO of Patagonia, to transform leaders in every 'field' who want to make a powerful ripple affect in the world, working with eBay, Conscious Capitalism, the Watson Caring Science Institute and the Aspen Institute.  She is a Fellow at One World Academy wisdom school in India, where she began her studies in self-actualization in 2008. Her courage and perseverance came from years as an elite cross country skier trying out for two Olympics at age 20 and 45 and she mentors athletes in various sports.  Seva, selfless service, is at the Heart and Soul of her offerings.

Karla Hope Miller - Sound Healing


Karla Hope Miller, received the gift of offering Sonic Alchemy over ten years ago, connecting sound to our darma. A native of Colorado, Karla connects intuitively with the sounds and vibrations of the Gongs, Crystal Bowls, Crystal harps, chimes and tuning forks. She works with clients privately using Astrology and also in a group setting through Deep Sound Journey's, offering collective consciousness through the gift of sound & vibration.

Sound Journey's are the divine healing tool for individuals. Inviting and offering access to cosmic sounds and vibrations by bringing the heavenly energies into the body. Because our bodies are made up of ruffly 80% water, but are solid. Sound waves can pass through our skin, organs, tissues, right down to the very cells of our energy bodies. Offering the body healing frequencies to a cellar level in the body. Offering a reboot and coming back to a balance within our center line. Yin and Yang.

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Completed Events! They were amazing… stay tuned for the next time they are offered. If you didn’t make it to the series sign up on the form above to find out when the next offerings are coming (if you signed up for one or more through eventbrite, you should be on the list already).



April 19th, 5:30-8:30

SOLD OUT - we are full for Activate Primal. You are welcome to come to the land to celebrate and be in ceremony with us, we just can not guarantee a spot in the sweat lodge! Please contact us for directions if you want to join,

The Activate Series kicks off with a return to tribal roots with our first offering: Activate Primal. Awaken that deep energy inside. The primal force where you remember who you are and why you are here.

With a guided, gentle sweat lodge at the base of Mt. Sopris, this segment will be a powerful activation of our primal energy as we connect deeper within ourselves and our relationship with nature. Coming together with our intentions we will go into ceremony led by earth mama and freedom activator Tara Sheahan. With the support of Full Moon energies, this event is guaranteed to be exhilarating and nourishing. If you have never experienced a sweat lodge before, this is the perfect opportunity to explore your curiosity. A light meal will be shared afterward. Sign up in advance, space is limited to 22 women.



April 20th, 3:00 - 6:00

Desire. Just the word alone evokes a reaction deep within. How does that word make you feel? Excited? Curious? Aroused? Maybe forbidden? Self-conscious? Anxious? Desire is a vast and profound topic.

Nothing makes us feel alive like our desire. It is seemingly the source of both ecstasy and suffering. Connecting to it can feel taboo as so much of our conditioning has gone against feeling our innate desires. Often, we are numb to our desires out of fear. Through this workshop you will get intimate with your desires. We peel back the layers to find how desire can serve your path and leave you living turned-on with purpose!



May 18th 4PM—7PM @True Nature Kiva

Reception. Arguably the most central aspect to feminine power. But what does that mean? As women, we are the true archetype for reception, yet we are conditioned to be the givers, which leads to giving on empty for many women. Conversely, a woman giving from being so filled up that she is overflowing is like nutrient rich soil bringing new life to everything. Through layers of conditioning and being in a culture where our relationship with self-worth has been based on external factors, it’s not a surprise that it is difficult for women to receive. There are many of people who “have” a lot and yet never really receive what they have. As women, our power is in how we receive. In Activate Reception, we will dive into this topic with enriching conversation and deep experiences.  



May 26th, 6-9

Your body is a temple. Do you treat is as such? We believe true embodiment is primary to our health and radiance. With Activate Temple, we will explore ways we can cultivate a deeper connection to our temple and awaken to our authentic empowerment. Through discussing challenges and pitfalls that are common and relatable, we will begin to lay the foundation for what is possible in creating new pathways with your body. We will show you how to elevate your daily routines into nourishing practices. Implementing rituals that help focus on mindfulness, pleasure, and self-love. This will be a luxurious and nurturing class you do not want to miss. Space is limited at this event. Please reserve your spot in advance.